Smoke On Aviation

Smoke On Aviation, LLC. is a group of Volunteer Pilots who dedicate their time performing formation flights for Veterans, Missing Man (funerals), and various other events.   Safety is our number one priority with a stringent training program following FFI procedures. 


Dave S.  “Kicks”

Dave is the Co-Founder of Smoke on.  He is a professional pilot with over 14,000 hours of flight time.   Dave holds a formation flying Lead card, as well as an Aerobatic card.  He built and flies an RV8.

Jeff S. “Peewee”

Jeff is the other Co-Founder of Smoke On.   With an engineering background flying has been a dream for many years.   Having gained his Pilot license back in 2012, he then started construction of his RV-9A.  First flown in late 2019, his plane has been flown over 250 hours now, and as far as Seattle. 

Derek J “McQ”

Derek is a neighbor of Dave and after several days of noise coming from Dave’s garage, stopped by to see what was going on.  That is all it took, and he signed up to help build the RV8 as a joint project.    Now with almost 1000 hours on the airplane they have enjoyed many adventures.

Curt R. “Geno”

Curt retired from UPS after a very rewarding career, and now flies his RV8.   Curt has been a huge cornerstone of formation training of everyone involved bringing his vast experience with him.

Michael G. “Yips”

Michael comes to the team after gaining his pilot license and finding a RV6A to purchase.  As luck would have it the hangar he picked to occupy at Bowman field was next to Jeff.   From there he was drawn in to formation flying and has not looked back.

Be sure to check out Yips’s youtube channel.  Yips in Formation – YouTube

Phil M. “JP”

Professional pilot and instructor flying RV8

Jeff S2 “Wraps”

Jeff2 hides in the south when it is cold but comes north in the spring to be with the really cool people.

Wayne M “Marty”

Wayne is like a time traveler.  You never know when he will show up and where.

Bob A. “Ground Control”

Bob comes to smoke on as a retired airline pilot and performs ground control operations for the team.

Jeff K. “911”

Jeff not only has an aviation background, but emergency response background and is in charge of safety.


Finn is here to insure we look good.  He appraises all of our formation flights.