Dave Schmitz and Jeff Scott, the dynamic duo behind Smoke On Aviation, embarked on a mission to elevate the enjoyment of aviation activities for pilots and aircraft owners alike, all while keeping safety front and center.


Boasting an impressive 15,000 hours as a pilot, Dave has been an aviation aficionado for most of his life. As a professional pilot, CFII, and formation lead cardholder, Dave’s love for the experimental realm was solidified when he built his RV-8. With Dave’s expertise, our customers can rest assured that their aircraft needs are in skilled hands.


Jeff, a newer pilot with 500 hours of experience, discovered his passion for flying later in life. Nevertheless, his love for experimental aviation runs deep, leading him to build his own RV-9A. A manufacturing engineer by trade, Jeff boasts a robust mechanical background, infusing each project with a unique perspective.


Together, Dave and Jeff’s synergy and collective experience make it clear: the sky’s truly the limit at Smoke On Aviation.

Smoke On Aviation LLC

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