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Smoke On has put together all of the most popular Dynon Skyview components in one convenient bundle to help take the guesswork out of what you need! Featuring the Dynon Skyview 10″ HDX Screen, the package includes components for auto pilot, EMS, transponders, IFR, and much more. The Solo Bundle is everything to get your panel up and flying!

Each bundle purchase comes with a Smoke On panel that has been machine cut to accommodate your new Dynon Skyview screen, knob panel, com radio, and auto pilot control panel.

Need two screens? Check out our Dual Bundle.


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Bundle Includes:

1 Dynon Skyview 10″ HDX Screen with Harness

1 Knob Panel with BARO, Heading, and Altitude

1 Battery Backup

1 Mode S Transponder – Class 1

1 Transponder Antenna

1 ADSB Traffic and Weather Receiver

1 ADSB Antenna

1 GPS Receiver

1 ADAHRS Module

1 ARINC Module

1 Engine Monitoring Module

1 Engine Monitor Kit

1 Fuel Flow Transducer

1 Com Radio

1 WiFi Adaptor

1 AOA / Pitot Probe Heated

1 Pitot Mast Bracket

1 Pitot Static Installation Kit

2 Auto Pilot Servos with Mounting Brackets for Roll and Pitch

1 Auto Pilot Control Panel

2 Auto Pilot Servo Cable Kit

1 Network Hub

1 Network Cable – 30’

10 Female 9 Pin Connector Kit

5 Male 9 Pin connector Kit

Additional information

Carbureted / Injected

Carbureted, Fuel Injected


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